Friday, February 16, 2024

Cash homes sales in Naples hit nearly 60%

Nearly 60% of Home Sales in Naples Transacted in Cash
A recent report highlights a significant uptick in cash purchases for homes in Naples, Florida, from the latter half of 2023 through early 2024. Compiled by a local naples real estate agent using Attom Data, the report reveals Naples as the regional leader, with 58.9% of transactions conducted in cash. Close behind are Cape Coral and Fort Myers, with 52.2% of home sales completed through cash transactions. This surge is credited to the allure of Southwest Florida's vibrant coastal communities for both investors and homebuyers. Despite higher interest rates in 2023, cash transactions persist due to their speed and certainty, offering buyers a competitive edge. The data underscores a strong demand for properties in the area, reflecting buyers' confidence in the region's long-term investment potential. For more information on this article, please visit the full webpage at

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