Saturday, October 1, 2022

Painting is one of the simplest and most affordable home improvements you can undertake. It is a task that the majority of householders can complete with inexpensive tools and little to no experience. You may drastically alter the appearance of a room or your entire house by obtaining the necessary paint and other essential supplies.

However, choosing paint might be difficult. A few of your options are flat, satin, semigloss, and glossy paints. There are various brands and colors to choose from after deciding on the type of paint. You could believe you will never choose because there are so many paint colors available. Where do you begin to whittle down your options until you find the ideal color for you?

Consider the area you are painting before you begin. A semi-gloss or glossy paint will work best on doors that get a lot of use as well as high traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms. It works well on trim and cabinets as well. In less-used spaces like adult bedrooms or dining rooms, flat and satin paints will look better. After deciding on a specific area to paint, decide which color family you want to use. You will go crazy trying to choose a paint color from all of your selections, so reduce your options a little so that you are only evaluating 50 colors rather than 500.

Once you've decided on a color family, visit the store to check out your selections. Just keep in mind not to choose your paint there. Take it home after taking it outside. Examine the color samples in and around your house. Don't skip this step because the colors may seem very differently in natural and indoor lighting. To make sure the colors work well with any existing furniture, it's also a good idea to compare them.

After examining the hue in various lighting conditions, give it some thought for a few days. Even while paint doesn't have to stay forever, if you're going to invest the time repainting, you probably want it to.

Take your time to carefully prepare your surface and apply the paint after choosing the ideal paint. Remember that anything worth doing is worth doing well and use painting as an investment in your home. When you look at it, it will be clear whether your intention is to choose the cheapest paint and apply it to the walls as quickly as possible. It could be preferable to leave your house unpainted than to paint it quickly and have it turn out less than flawless.

My suggestion when choosing a color is easy: 
IF you plan on living in the home and enjoying it for years to come, by all means paint it whatever color makes you feel good. 

IF you plan on selling the home or living in the home for short period of time be careful on the colors you choose. Stay away for colors and keep it natural. My suggestion to all my clients is to keep it simple and to go to a few new construction model homes to get some ideas on popular colors and staging. 

My top hues, which I've seen most of my customers adore, are:

Agreeable Gray (top for 2021-2022)
Accessible Beige (top for 2021-2022)
City Loft (top for 2021-2022)
Repose Gray
Pure White
Mindful Gray  
Kilim Beige


If you have any questions about popular paint colors or tips on refreshing your property or how to sell your home in Naples contact Mike Shoaff with RE/MAX in Naples.