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Exploring Hidden Gems in Naples Florida

Exploring Hidden Gems in Naples

As the seasons change in Naples, it’s an ideal moment to delve into the establishments and services that consistently elevate this city to an exceptional destination. Beyond the typical roundups of restaurants and tourist spots, we’re here to unveil 10 extraordinary businesses and experiences that might have slipped under your radar. These are the hidden gems, treasured by locals and waiting to be discovered by visitors. So, here's the exclusive list:

Top Beach Pick

Naples boasts stunning beaches, but Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park stands out among the best. With its warm waters, immaculate sands, serene Gulf of Mexico views, and glimpses of Southwest Florida's exotic birdlife, this spot offers more than just a beach day. Activities like fishing, snorkeling, and hiking cater to nature lovers and families, while its natural estuaries provide a gateway to exceptional boating experiences.

Finest Music Scene

Celebration Park, nestled in the rejuvenated Bayshore District, blurs the lines between a foodie's paradise and a live music haven. Picture rows of food trucks from Naples' finest eateries culminating in a four-sided bar overlooking the Gulf's waterways. During winter evenings, live music fills the air from 6 to 9 pm, welcoming patrons to dock their boats alongside other customers.

Ultimate Burger Joint

Brooks Burgers, a longstanding favorite on Naples' "cheap eats" lists, consistently serves up delicious, flavorful burgers. This family-owned establishment, with three locations across Naples, offers an array of options from classic cheeseburgers to inventive specialties like the Donut, Rajin Cajun, and fig and goat cheese creations. Expect prompt, friendly service—plus, at the North Naples locale, your order might even arrive via robot.

Premium Fitness Experience

Join Co-owner and instructor Jake Maulin's 9:00 am CycleBar Naples ride for a transformative blend of a musical concert, workout, and motivational experience. Discover why just 45 minutes on a bike here can invigorate your day and potentially change your lifestyle.

Excellence in Watch Repair

Quality Time Service, a veteran-owned establishment, provides swift watch repairs within a remarkable 15-minute wait time. They specialize in repairing modern, vintage, and antique timepieces and offer a one-year warranty on all repair services—impeccable expertise at remarkably reasonable rates.

Pinnacle Pain Clinic

Symmetry Exercise Clinic specializes in muscle system repair, often as an alternative solution when traditional medical options fall short. Their focus on improving pain within three sessions or less has garnered praise from Naples clients and physicians alike.

Supreme Brunch Spot

Jane’s CafĂ© on Third remains a not-so-hidden treasure, offering British and American fare in a relaxed indoor/outdoor setting near Camargo Courtyard's fountain. Despite weekend crowds, the wait is worth it for their delectable omelettes, refreshing salads, innovative wraps, and delightful beverages in a picturesque setting.

Finest Ice Cream Haven

Amidst Naples' balmy weather, Kilwins stands as a family-owned oasis for exquisite ice cream, fudge, and truffles. Their Mercato and Olde Naples locations are renowned for creamy, delightful ice cream flavors—don't miss trying their coconut ice cream, it's a standout!

Top-notch Framing Service

At West Coast Art & Design, owned by Alejandro “Alex” Nunez and Maria, artists work closely with clients to frame, update, and restore artwork. Their expertise, combined with reasonable prices, ensures your treasured pieces receive the treatment they deserve.

Authentic Taco Destination

Maria’s Tacos y Mas offers some of Southwest Florida's most authentic and flavorful Mexican cuisine. While seating might be limited, their expansive menu and warm service promise a delightful taco experience, with special deals on Tuesdays.

Ready to explore these hidden gems and uncover more of Naples' treasures? For further details on happenings and things to do in Naples, Florida, reach out to Naples FL Real Estate Agent Mike Shoaff. Discover the secrets that make Naples shine!

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Discover Treviso Bay: Your Ultimate Resort-Style Living Experience in Naples

Treviso Bay epitomizes resort-style living nestled in the heart of Naples. It's an exquisite Gated, Bundled Golf Community offering a plethora of living choices. The community boasts an array of splendid features, including an 18-hole TPC designed championship golf course, professional tennis courts, a fitness center, and two private clubhouses featuring fine dining, shops, and spa services.

Treviso Bay offers a bundled equity golf membership or a social membership with the purchase of all its homes, making it the sole TPC bundled golf experience available in Naples. When perusing homes for sale in Treviso Bay, ensure to confirm whether the home comes with a golf membership or a social membership.

As you explore Treviso Bay homes for sale, you'll encounter various home styles. From Terrace condos in four different neighborhoods offering 2-bedroom condos with covered carports to Veranda condos with 2 bedrooms plus a den and a 1-car garage, and Coach Homes featuring 3 bedrooms with attached 2-car garages. Additionally, the community comprises single-family homes, both built by designated builders and custom homes. Notably, the Peninsula at Treviso Bay showcases fifty-five custom-finished estate homes with breathtaking views and luxurious finishes, all including the coveted TPC golf membership, constructed by Imperial Homes of Naples, LLC.


Central to Treviso Bay is the opulent 64,000 square-foot Grand Clubhouse, overlooking the 9th and 18th holes, offering fine dining, billiards, and an award-winning pro shop. Additionally, Villa Rilassare (The Club), a 15,000 square-foot clubhouse, boasts resort-style lagoons, lap pools, a tennis center with a pro shop, a state-of-the-art fitness center, spa, salon, restaurant, and a variety of recreational options including bocce ball, pickleball, aerobics, Pilates studios, onsite fitness instructors and classes, and tennis and golf pros to refine your game.

Treviso Bay's unique Mediterranean-inspired design features elegant bridges, fountains, and landscaping, enhancing the allure of the homes nestled in Naples, Florida. Each condo and coach home neighborhood also hosts beautiful satellite pools equipped with restrooms, cabanas, grills, and more. The single-family homes are located in various neighborhoods within Treviso Bay, such as Bella Firenze, Corso Bello, Italia, Peninsula, Ponte Rialto, Vercelli, Siracusa, Via Veneto, Piacere, and Via Veneto Villas.

Moreover, the Treviso Bay TPC golf course in Southwest Florida grants its members exclusive golf privileges throughout the United States, a remarkable perk unique to this community.


Interested in buying or selling in TREVISO BAY? Contact Naples FL Realtor Mike Shoaff today for an updated list of homes and condos for sale or visit the link below.


Q&A About Treviso Bay

For those curious about Treviso Bay, we often receive inquiries like:

  • Q: How far is Treviso Bay from downtown Naples?
    A: Treviso Bay is conveniently located less than 5 miles from downtown Naples. In under 15 minutes, you can relish the world-class shopping, dining, and art galleries of downtown Naples and its proximity to Tin City.
  • Q: When was the Treviso Bay TPC course built?
    A: The course was designed by Arthur Hills, Bruce Howard, Hal Sutton, Steve Forrest & Associates, and opened in 2008.
  • Q: Is Treviso Bay gated?
    A: Yes, the community of Treviso Bay in Naples Florida is secured by a 24-hour manned gate. Visitors must pass through the gate, presenting identification to the guard. Additionally, Treviso Bay residents have a gated entrance on Tamiami Trail East (Hwy 41) exclusively for residents' use.
  • Q: What type of grass is used for the greens on the Treviso Bay TPC course?
    A: TifEagle Bermuda Grass. The greens were re-grassed from paspalum to TifEagle Bermuda Grass in 2020 for smoother and speedier performance, while the collars are now grassed with TifGrand.
  • Q: Is TPC Treviso Bay private?
    A: Yes, Treviso Bay is a private residential community, and TPC Treviso Bay golf course is private.
  • Q: When was the last time the Treviso Bay TPC course was renovated?
    A: In 2020, a $3 million renovation commenced to enhance the course, unveiling the enhancements later that year. The renovations included re-grassing all 18 greens, repositioning three greens, reconstructing bunkers with ZLine bunker liners and G-Angle sand, and more to elevate the playing experience.

In 2020, Treviso Bay was voted #1 among the "Top 11 Bundled Golf Communities in Naples Florida for 2020."

Stand Out with Naples, FL RE/MAX Agents: Unveiling the Difference

Stand Out with Naples, FL RE/MAX Agents: Unveiling the Difference

In the vibrant real estate market of Naples, FL, where properties sell like hotcakes and buyers eagerly seek their dream homes, the prowess of RE/MAX Agents stands as a beacon of reliability and distinction. When you seek a real estate professional in this sun-soaked paradise, turning to Naples, FL RE/MAX Agents is more than a choice; it's a smart decision backed by a global network and unwavering expertise.

RE/MAX Agents in Naples, FL, embody a unique blend of entrepreneurship and collective support. Each agent functions as an independent entrepreneur, yet they thrive within a supportive network. This distinctive advantage translates into personalized, swift, and efficient transactions for clients. At its core, the relationship between the client and the RE/MAX Agent becomes a driving force in expediting real estate deals.
What sets Naples, FL RE/MAX Agents apart is their affiliation with a global real estate powerhouse. With over 140,000 Agents across 120 countries, they harness a proven system and an extensive network, placing these professionals at the forefront of the industry. Their average 13 years of real estate experience ensure a secure, professional approach to every deal, providing clients with peace of mind.
Moreover, the stellar education programs and accumulated experience empower RE/MAX Agents to outshine the competition, resulting in a higher success rate for property transactions. With a clientele primarily sourced from repeat or referral customers, these Agents bring forth reliability, ensuring your time is respected and valued.
When you engage with a Naples, FL RE/MAX Agent, you're not just partnering with an agent; you're gaining a dedicated marketer for your property. Their autonomy allows them to tailor marketing strategies to suit your specific goals, ensuring an unparalleled level of commitment to achieving your desired outcomes.
In conclusion, Naples, FL RE/MAX Agents redefine the real estate landscape with their unmatched professionalism, global network, and personalized approach. When it comes to buying or selling property in Naples, FL, entrusting your aspirations to a RE/MAX Agent ensures a smooth, efficient, and rewarding experience.

NAPLES FL REMAX AGENT MIKE SHOAFFReady to buy or sell real estate in Naples, FL? Mike Shoaff, a seasoned Realtor, is here to help! Get expert guidance and personalized service for your real estate needs.Contact Mike Shoaff today to kickstart your Naples real estate journey! Click here to access Mike's contact page:  Don't miss out! Partner with Mike Shoaff and make your Naples real estate goals a reality. Get in touch now!

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Understanding Closing Costs When Buying or Selling a Home in Naples, Florida

If you're entering the real estate market in Naples, Florida (Collier County), familiarizing yourself with the associated closing costs is crucial. Whether you're buying or selling a home, these expenses are a significant consideration, impacting the overall transaction substantially. Keep in mind that the specific costs can vary based on factors like the lender, loan size, and payment method—cash or financed. Generally, closing costs range between 2% to 5% of the purchase price.

Here's a detailed breakdown:

Closing Costs for Buyers:

  • Title Search and Insurance: Lenders mandate title insurance to safeguard against potential title defects. Buyers cover both lender's and owner's policies, with costs varying.
  • Home Inspection: Crucial for uncovering property issues, costs range from $300 to $500, depending on property size.
  • Appraisal: Lenders require property valuation, typically costing $300 to $800.
  • Property Survey Fee: Determining property boundaries and issues costs around $400 to $600.
  • Loan Origination Fees: Lenders charge these to process mortgage applications.
  • Prepaid Expenses: Advance payments for property taxes, insurance, and interest.
  • Document Stamp Tax & Intangible Tax: State fees based on promissory notes and mortgage values.
  • Homeowners Association Transfer Fee: Applies to properties within governed communities, covering fee transfer from seller to buyer.
  • Condo/HOA Approval Fee & Prorated Charges: Varying fees depending on the HOA, typically $100 to $150.
  • Flood Certificate Fee: Required in Florida to determine flood zone status, costing $15 to $20.
  • Additional Costs might include Mortgage Insurance (if down payment is <20%), Credit Report Fee, Processing & Underwriting Fees, Document Preparation Fee, Settlement and Closing Fees, Recording Fees, and Courier Fees.

Closing Costs for Sellers:

  • Real Estate Agent Commission: Typically split between the selling and listing agents.
  • Owners Title Insurance Premium (if specified in the sales contract):
  • Documentary Stamp Tax: Seller's payment at $0.70 per $100 of the sale price.
  • Prorated Property Taxes and Homeowner's Association Fees: Payment up to the closing date.
  • Non Ad Valorem Solid Waste Fees
  • Payoff Existing Mortgages, Liens, or Assessments
  • Condo/HOA Estoppel Fees: Association charges to determine account status.
  • Condo/HOA Prorated Charges: Seller's responsibility until closing.

These fees are variable and depend on factors such as property location, purchase price, and loan type. Estimating closing costs accurately is essential for Florida buyers and sellers to avoid surprises. Your naples real estate agent, title insurance company, and lender can provide estimated fees.

Understanding these costs aids in budgeting and preparing for homeownership expenses.

Remember, being well-informed about these expenses is key to making informed decisions in the real estate market! If you need further details or clarifications, don't hesitate to ask. Also,   is a great resource for additional information on Naples real estate.